Governments’ takedown requests to Google have increased by 68% since 2012 second-half


Governments’ takedown requests to Google have increased by 68% since 2012 second

In its latest Transparency Report, Google has revealed that there has been a notable increase in government takedown requests of late. The company said that takedown requests which it received from governments across the world in the second half of 2013 marked a 68 percent increase over those received during the same period last year.

According to the statistics shared by Google, the total number of requests which the company received - in the second half of 2013- from public officials, for tearing down online content, was 3,846. The requests affected 24,737 personal blog posts, YouTube videos and other pieces of content hosted by the company.

The Transparency Report - the eighth one released by Google since 2010 - showed that the maximum requests for taking down of content were received from the US officials, who submitted a total of 545 requests in the reporting six-month period. The takedown requests made by the US this time round were 70 percent more than those made in the last reporting period.

Though defamation was one of the key reasons for takedown requests submitted by US officials, some of the notable cases involving the requests included the removal of 76 apps from the Google Play store due to alleged violation of government copyrights.

About the kind of content which Google is asked to take down, the company's legal director Susan Infantino said: "Over the past four years, one worrying trend has remained consistent: governments continue to ask us to remove political content."

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