Atheer launches Indiegogo campaign to seek funds for new wearable project


Atheer launches Indiegogo campaign to seek funds for new wearable project

On Thursday, tech firm Atheer launched an Indiegogo campaign, seeking funds for its new wearable project related to augmented-reality-focused smart glasses.

The smart glasses, for which Atheer is seeking a total funding of $100,000, will be a Google Glass rival. The Atheer device - the consumer model of which will be dubbed Atheer One - will enable the users to the digital world, shifting from passive viewing to an immersive "doing" and interacting. In other words, it reflects the ultimate vision of augmented reality (AR).

The $100,000 amount is being sought by Atheer for funding a developer version of its AR-focused smart glasses. The company plans to launch the developer version of its device in April-June 2014; with the Atheer One consumer model scheduled to hit the markets in December 2014.

According to Atheer, backers of the campaign can receive the Atheer Developer Kit by donating $850; and the Atheer One consumer version of the smart glasses by donating $350. The developer kit will pack a processor, battery, and other features into the smart glasses themselves, while most of the processing of the Atheer One will be outsourced to a tethered Android handset.

Meanwhile, noting that Atheer also requires developers for building immersive apps for its platform, the company's CEO Soulaiman Itani said: "Our team is building some apps, but like any great platform, the robustness of the ecosystem will come once we get our technology and our SDK in the hand of third party developers."

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