Google fined €900,000 for breaking Spain’s data protection law


Google fined €900,000 for breaking Spain’s data protection law

According to a Reuters report, Internet search giant Google has been slapped a _900,000 (US$1.23 million) fine by Spain, for breaking the country's data protection laws. The fine levied by Spain comes against the backdrop of Google's move to merge its privacy policies in March 2012.

The fine which Spain has levied against Google is the maximum fine possible under the country's data protection law; and has resulted from an investigation - by Spain's privacy watchdog - into Google's changed privacy policy.

According to a statement released by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, investigations have revealed that Google has been compiling personal data of users, via nearly one hundred services and products which it offers in Spain. The data is being complied without the consent of the users.

The agency also highlighted that, with the changes having made to the company's privacy policy, Google neither provides adequate information about what data it is collecting, nor about why it is collecting the data.

In its report asserting Google's violation of Spain's data protection laws, the agency said that the company has allegedly violated the users' "right to the protection of personal data laid down in article 18 of the Spanish Constitution and regulated in the LOPD [Law on the Protection of Personal Data]."

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