Migraine headaches can be caused by chewing gums


Migraine headaches can be caused by chewing gums

Right away, Dr. Nathan Watemberg of Tel Aviv University-partnered Meir Medical Center has considered that gum-biting young people, and more youthful kids too, are giving themselves migraines as well.

For the study, Dr. Watemberg asked 30 patients between six and 19 years of age who had ceaseless headache or strain migraines and mulled over gum every day to stop mulling over gum for one month.

They had mulled over gum for 60 minutes up to more than six hours for every day. A month later without gum, 19 of the 30 patients reported that their migraines went away fully and seven reported a reduction in the recurrence and power of cerebral pain.

Dr. Watemberg said that out of their 30 patients, 26 reported huge change, and 19 had complete migraine determination, illustrating that twenty of the enhanced patients later consented to retreat to mulling over gum, and every last one of them reported an instantaneous backslide of manifestations.

At Meir Medical Center's Child Neurology Unit and Child Development Center and neighborhood facilities, Dr. Watemberg recognized that numerous patients who reported migraines were every day gum chewers.

Teen young lady patients were especially enthusiastic chewers - a finding upheld by past dental studies. Dr. Watemberg discovered that much of the time, when patients quit mulling over gum at his inference, they showed signs of improvement.

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