Starbucks “Race Together” Idea Initiated by CEO Gets a Mixed Reaction

Starbucks “Race Together” Idea Initiated by CEO Gets a Mixed Reaction

Howard Schultz the Chief Executive officer of the coffee chain Starbucks Corp has skilfully steered his way through controversial issues in the past. Now his chain aims to start discussions over the issue of race relations in the U. S, which of late has concocted a mixed reaction in the social media.

The largest coffee chain in the world has started the discussion on the issue after it published ads covering full pages in the main U. S. newspapers this week. The words in the advertisements in the centre page said, "Shall We Overcome?" and "Race Together".

In order to initiate dialog in the midst of brewing racial tensions in U. S, the employees who serve behind the counter also were given the opportunity of writing "Race Together" on the coffee cups of the customers.

The race related issue flared up after the incident of August shooting, where a white policeman shot a black eighteen year old boy in Ferguson, Missouri. It rekindled with the successive deaths of unarmed black men where the police was involved in New York City, Wisconsin and Madison with some others.

The campaign from the coffee chain got a mixed reaction as some felt that the company was overstepping its limits by hurling a campaign involving a very sensitive topic. However, some customers appreciated the effort which the company was making to connect to social issues at the ground level.


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