VW Admitted Faults in Its Diesel Models only After Pressure from the E.P.A.

VW Admitted Faults in Its Diesel Models only After Pressure from the E.P.A.

Volkswagen's troubles are deepening further. The company has told the EPA for one year that the discrepancies seen between pollution tests for the diesel car models compared to the higher levels when they are on road was a technical error and not a purposeful attempt to mislead the federal officials. Now, the company has admitted that that the diesel vehicles sold in the US used software that was designed to cheat while the tests were performed.

The admission was made by the carmaker only when the EPA took the unexpected action by threatening the company to withhold its 2016 Volkswagen and Audi diesel models.

On Friday, the news of deception became public and since then, Volkswagen has been making an effort to control the damage already done. The company's chief executive apologized saying that VW will stop selling those diesel cars with the specific engine models from the 2015 and 2016. It was possible just as the environmental regulators were equipped with the right powers and measures which the auto safety regulators did not have.

For example the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, only have the power to impose a penalty up to $35 million for flouting any safety regulations on an auto manufacturer.

That's not a very high amount for big companies like the General Motors. The company paid a fine like that for a defect in some of its models which has been connected to around 124 deaths.


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