Government is deciding whether to share the iPhone unlocking secret with Apple

On Wednesday, FBI's Director James Comey said that the government had purchased a tool to access the iPhone5C used by one of the shooters involved in San Bernardino rampage, Syed Farook.

In late March, Law enforcement officials announced that they had cracked the iPhone5c of San Bernardino shooter, who left 14 people dead in an attack, in December 2015. But they had not provided the full detail except that they had taken the help of a third party.

Before taking help of a third party, the government had pursued legal action in order to force Apple to help in unlocking the device, so that they can access information stored in the iPhone. But the tech giant refused to help the government saying that they will not compromise with the security of all iPhone users.

Judicial proceeding between the government and Apple, over the San Bernardino phone has ended, because the government has purchased the tool; a way to get into iphone 5C running iOS 9 from a third party.

FBI Director, James Comey said, "The people we bought this from, I know a fair amount about them, and I have a high degree of confidence that they are very good at protecting it, and their motivations align with ours."

According to Comey, the tool works only on iPhone 5C, not on others iPhone models like; iPhone5s, iPhone6s or iPhone5.

The government is deciding whether to share the way they unlock the iPhone with Apple or not. "If we tell Apple, then they're going to fix it, then we're back where we started from. We may end up there, we just haven't decided yet", Comey said.


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