Angela Rippon inspires people to live healthier

Angela Rippon inspires people to live healthier

Famous newsreader, consumer journalist, host of Top Gear and Come Dancing, Angela Rippon is inspiring more people to live healthier lives.

Rippon, who is 71 years old, has been active and lives a healthy life.  She said that her legs are often described as young and healthy. Experts are providing advice on what was described as proper science that will allow people to live more healthily for longer. She scored a 9 on the cross-legged test that is a good predictor that she will live a long and healthy life.

Experts have said that those who score 6-7.5 have twice as high a chance of having a short life. Experts have said that improving the score increases the likelihood of long and healthy life and advised people to take up yoga and other exercises to live a healthy life. In a new TV series, experts are offering several techniques, activities and tips on eating habits that will allow people to adopt healthier lifestyle.

Some tips include suggestions that adopting a vegetarian diet will help people become healthier. Veganism is the healthiest diet of all, reducing the risks of cancer, heart attacks and strokes.


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