Trump Claims He has No Interest in Russia

Trump Claims He has No Interest in Russia

Democratic National Committee's emails were hacked and the matter is being investigated by the FBI. Speculations say that there may be hands of Russians but nothing has been identified for sure. Based on that, on Wednesday during a news conference, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was asked about Russia.

Trump said while talking to a reporter in Florida, "No, I have nothing to do with Russia. How many times do I have say that? Are you a smart man? I have nothing to do with Russia."

He acknowledged that there was only one transaction when he bought a house in Palm Beach, Florida many years ago for $40 million. He said, he sold it to a Russian for $100 million including brokerage commissions.

Although Trump says that he has no interest in Russia but many evidences suggest that Trump Organization has in the past, been interested in spreading business in Russia.

In 2007, Trump said, Russia is one of the hottest places in the world for investment, "We will be in Moscow at some point."

Some more evidence show Trump's interest in doing business in Russia. Way back in1987, he went to Moscow, looking for a suitable site for a luxury hotel, but noting materialized. Once again in 1996, he planned to build a condominium complex in the country that fizzled out. One more unsuccessful attempt by Trump in Russia was when signed a year's deal with one New York development company to survey opportunities for a Trump Tower in Moscow.


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