Yahoo will “soon” bring back its temporarily disabled email forwarding feature

Yahoo will “soon” bring back its temporarily disabled email forwarding feature

Close on the heels of a Monday report by Associated Press (AP) that beleaguered Internet firm Yahoo Inc. has disabled the automatic email forwarding feature since the beginning of October, the company has stated that the feature will soon be brought back.

The AP report about the disablement of the automatic email forwarding by Yahoo came against the backdrop of the fact that investors are scrutinizing the company which said in a September disclosure that at least 500 million user accounts were stolen from its network in a 2014 hacking attack.

As a result of the hacking and surveillance revelations by Yahoo, a number of Yahoo users seemingly want to leave the network and shift to other email services. However, with the email forwarding feature having been disabled by Yahoo, it has become difficult for users to shift to other services.

About disabling the automatic email forwarding feature, Yahoo said that the move is a planned one. The company further added that the feature has temporarily been disabled "as part of previously planned maintenance to improve its functionality between a user's various accounts."

Yahoo also said alongside: "Users can expect an update to the auto-forward functionality soon."


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