Women now consuming nearly as much alcohol as men: study

Women now consuming nearly as much alcohol as men: study

The gap between men's and women's drinking habits has almost closed and women are now consuming nearly as much alcohol as men, results of a new worldwide survey revealed.

In the past, men were far more likely than women to consume alcohol to the limit that it starts affecting their health. Older researchers found as much as a twelve-fold difference between the sexes in terms of alcohol consumption.

But, the new study led by Tim Slade, an epidemiologist with the National Drug & Alcohol Research Center of the Australian University of New South Wales, suggested that the gap has almost closed.

Women across the world are now as likely as men to engage in excessive drinking, which is particularly harmful during pregnancy.

Sharing findings of the study, Slade said, "[These] findings confirm the closing male-female gap in indicators of alcohol use and related harms. We can no longer think of alcohol use and alcohol-related harms as problems that just affect men."

While there is no single reason behind women's increasing engagement in excessive, harmful drinking; it is likely that drinking has become socially acceptable for women as they have entered higher education in greater numbers, joined the workforce, and have become financially independent.


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