Martian show home opened at London’s Royal Observatory

Martian show home opened at London’s Royal Observatory

A new Martian show home opened at London's Royal Observatory in Greenwich on Thursday displays a pod-shaped living space, providing a glimpse into what will Mars homes look like when humans will first colonize the Red Planet.

The dome, which has been set against a mock-up Martian landscape, offers a room to work, exercise and sleep in addition to grow small plants .

The pod-shaped living space, which has been built in tandem with the soon-to-be-started National Geographic drama series "MARS," will remain on display through Nov. 16, 2016.

Ben Cotton, who plays Sawyer in the series, hails astronauts as intrinsically upbeat. He said it was interesting to hop into that perspective because as an actor one get trained to go toward the darker end of things.

However, series consultant Mae C. Jemison said, "Astronauts are passionate, but they're not crazy. They're dreamers and have great imaginations, but at the same time they're very practical."

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and many other farsighted advocates of Mars colonization acknowledge that getting to the red Planet will be risky and uncomfortable, but also insist that it will be the greatest adventure ever in human history.


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