U.S. Surgeon General calls e-cigarettes major health issue

U.S. Surgeon General calls e-cigarettes major health issue

The increasing use of electronic-cigarettes (e-cigarettes) among teens across the United States has prompted the U.S. Surgeon General to call it a major health issue.

According to a fresh study, the number of high and middle school students using e-cigarettes has almost tripled over the period of last five years. More than a quarter of school students in 6-12 grades and more than a third of young adults were founds to have used e-cigarettes.

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has called it a major health issue, and stressed on the need of more research on use of cigarettes or vaping. However, he warned that e-cigarettes are not harmless.

Dr. Michael Sevilla, from Salem-based Family Practice Center, also said that he is concerned about increasing use of e-cigarette, particularly among young children.

Speaking on the topic, Sevilla said, "What we do know is that, especially in kids, the brain is still developing at that age, and if you expose them to substances like nicotine - whether it's smoking or e-cigarettes - it can really influence them, as far as nicotine being addictive."

Health experts have recommended that parents should do their best to be aware of what their children are doing and they should immediately confiscate such products, if they find any in their possession. 


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