Uber pulls its self-driving cars from SF roads after regulators revoke their registrations

Uber pulls its self-driving cars from SF roads after regulators revoke their registrations

On Wednesday, ride-hailing company Uber was forced to shut down its self-driving pilot program in San Francisco because the registrations of the company’s 16 self-driving cars in the city were revoked by the California DMW.

The move by the California DMW to force Uber to pull its self-driving cars from San Francisco roads comes after one week of failed talks between Uber and the state regulators.

The self-driving pilot program was commenced by Uber in San Francisco last Wednesday. Within hours of Uber’s announcement that it is offering self-driving cars to San Francisco passengers, the DMW ordered Uber to shut down the pilot program because the company was operating its self-driving cars without obtaining a permit to do so.

The DMW drew attention to the fact that all self-driving automakers are required to obtain a proper license from the DMV to carry out the testing of their self-driving vehicles on public roads. However, with Uber paying no heed to the DMW’s orders and defiantly continuing its self-driving pilot program in San Francisco, the DMW gave Uber’s self-driving car service a death blow by revoking the registrations of the cars.

About its move, the DMW said in a Wednesday letter to Uber: "It was determined that the registrations were improperly issued for these vehicles because they were not properly marked as test vehicles."


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