Uber moves its self-driving cars from San Francisco to Arizona

Uber moves its self-driving cars from San Francisco to Arizona

In a Thursday afternoon announcement, ride-hailing company Uber said that the 16 self-driving cars which the company has pulled off the San Francisco streets are being moved to Arizona.

Uber's move to ship its self-driving cars from San Francisco to Arizona comes after the California DMV revoked the registrations of the vehicles on Wednesday. The DMV had earlier asked Uber to stop operating its self-driving cars on San Francisco roads because the company had not got a requisite license to test its autonomous vehicles in the state.

Uber had launched its autonomous vehicle program in San Francisco last Wednesday; and, the same day, the DMV ordered the company to pull its vehicles off the roads. Since Uber did not comply with the order, the DMV finally revoked the registrations of the vehicles.

About moving its autonomous vehicle program from San Francisco to Arizona, Uber said that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey had said in a recent Twitter post that the state welcomes Uber's autonomous technology. As such, Uber said that it has decided to test its autonomous vehicles at a place where it feels welcome, rather than continue negotiations with California regulators.

Revealing that the company's self-driving cars have been moved to Arizona by truck, an Uber spokeswoman said in an email on Thursday: "We'll be expanding our self-driving pilot there in the next few weeks, and we're excited to have the support of Governor Ducey."


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