Sea Levels Might Rise More than Expected Due to Global Warming - Study

Sea Levels Might Rise More than Expected Due to Global Warming - Study

All the global warming that is happening in the ongoing century might end up raising sea levels much more than earlier expected over the coming centuries, according to a study that examined what had happened at a time when "Neanderthals roamed Europe".

Study researchers have warned that unless drastic and effective measures are taken to curb the global warming that is going on, the sea level could rise so much as to submerge nearly a third of Florida, Southern Manhattan and almost all of Bangladesh and Netherlands.

An expert, while appreciating the effort and findings of the study, was quick to warn that such predictions can never be made with prediction.

The study has been released as "Probabilistic Assessment of Sea Level during the Last Interglacial Stage", and looks at extensive data collected about "geological sea level indicators for a period about 125,000 years ago".

"Despite the uncertainties inherent in such a study, these findings should send a strong message to the governments negotiating in Copenhagen that the time to avoid disastrous outcomes may run out sooner than expected", said Professor Michael Oppenheimer, of Princeton University.

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