Netflix Subscribers will see an Increase in Price from Next Month

Netflix Subscribers will see an Increase in Price from Next Month

For the Netflix subscribers who have been paying $7.99 monthly subscription for long might see a rise in price soon.

In last two years, the Los Gatos, California based video streaming service has pushed the monthly subscription from $7.99 to $9.99, but the rate remained same for those who have been long time subscribers before the first price hike in May of 2014, for the high-definition plan.

Everyone will be charged $9.99 price from the coming month when two-year discount deal finishes for about seventeen million longtime users.

Later in the month, the UK Netflix subscribers will begin noticing the price changes and those for those who signed during the period of May 2014 and October 2015 will pay $8.99 till almost end of this year.

Last year October, Netflix announced its price increase which will hike price for its standard HD streaming plan $10 from $9. However, for a large number of users May will be the month for a price change.

Reportedly seventeen million subscribers of standard account will pay $10 monthly fee beginning from May. Though it is a 25 percent or only a few dollar monthly hike for almost thirty seven percent of U. S. subscribers, but most of them are not even aware of the changes around the corner.


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