Utah governor descales porn a "a public health hazard"

Utah governor descales porn a "a public health hazard"

Gary Herbert, the Governor of the state of Utah has declared that pornography is "a public health hazard" that can result in harm to the individuals and society.

Governor Herbert made the announcement on Tuesday and a resolution pointing out the need for education, research, prevention and changes to policy to address the issue, has already passed through the state legislature. He compared pornography to drugs and alcohol as it is capable of tempting the youth.

Governor Herbert said at a signing ceremony that, "We hope that people hear and heed this voice of warning. For our citizens know that there are real health risks that are involved and associated with viewing pornography. We also want our young people to know that there's a particularly psychological and physiological detriment that comes from addiction to pornography.

Todd Weiler, the resolution's chief Senate sponsor said that he was mocked in the media when he first released the words of the measure that largely focused on pornography's impact on children. He pointed out that it was time to take action on the matter. He said that the resolution is non-binding and requires no public spending and its implementation will be based on the actions of the society.


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