Auto Sector

Chrysler receives first 4 billion-dollar loan

Washington - US car maker Chrysler confirmed Saturday that it received an initial infusion of 4 billion dollars from the United States government.

Chrysler gets $4 billion federal loan to carry on funding operations

Chrysler gets $4 billion federal loan to carry on funding operationsThe initial $4

Motherson Sumi gets nod for acquisition of Visiocorp PLC

Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd (MSSL) has informed that its board has approved the permission for acquisition of the global rear view mirror business from Visiocorp PLC.

GM receives $4 billion in government loans

 On Wednesday, General Motors received its first installment of low-interest loans from the federal government - $4 billion out of the expected $9.4 billion through January. The automaker would be receiving another $4 billion loan in February. The loan amount will be used for funding the company's continuing operations.

GMAC to get $6bn aid from federal government

Over and above the recent $17.4 billion bail-out package to rescue GM, Chrysler and Ford, the federal government on Monday planned to release $6 billion for stabilizing GMAC LLC – the struggling financing company of GM, co-owned by Chrysler’s owner, Cerberus.