Company Results

Sony Ericsson’s fourth-quarter losses $247 million

The sales at Sony Ericsson are at the receiving end of the blows from the economic crisis worldwide, resulting in widening losses. The fourth-quarter US$247 million losses at the company are not only many times more than its third-quarter losses, but are also a nosedive from its $495 million profit in the same quarter the earlier year.

Bank of America posts quarterly loss, first in 17 years

Bank of America posts quarterly loss, first in 17 yearsEver since 1991, Bank of America Corp posted its first quarterly loss, hours before an emergency government aid of $20 billion!

Retailer Ahold reports 13 percent growth in 4Q sales

With the fourth-quarter sales at the US outlets of Royal Ahold NV - the Dutch proprietor of Stop & Shop supermarkets and Giant grocery chains - beating the estimates by the analysts, the retailer gained the most in Amsterdam in two months.

Intel’s fourth-quarter earnings drop 90%

The folding demand for microprocessors, because of the panting sales of PCs, has brought down the fourth-quarter earnings of Intel Corp. by a monstrous 90% as against the figures a year back. It is for the first time in 20 years, the fourth-quarter earnings were lower than third quarter.

Sales boost prompts Monsanto to raise profit projections

New York - Buoyed by strong first-quarter sales to Latin America, Monsanto, the world's largest provider of agriculture and biotechnology products, on Wednesday boosted its profit projections for the ongoing fiscal year.