Intel files lawsuit against Nvidia over a 2004 license agreement

It was on Wednesday the news of Intel-Nvidia dispute came out on web. According to reports, Santa Clara, California based Intel and Nvidia are in court, over the patent-licensing agreement signed by the two in 2004.

Nvidia to showcase its new class of devices

It was recently confirmed by Nvidia that the company is all geared up to demonstrate as to how a new family of HD mobile Internet devices would be powered by its Tegra computer on a chip. These new devices might sell for $99 to $200 or at much lower price with a subsidy from a mobile carrier.

Is Acer considering switching over to Nvidia?

It appears that Acer is considering switching over to Nvidia. The world’s third largest supplier of PCs, Acer is looking forward for Nvidia Ion solution; that’s what Acer's vice president of product marketing, Sumit Agnihotry signaled in an interview last week, when he openly expressed interest towards Nvidia Ion platform.

Nvidia exhibits GeForce 3D Vision Glasses

PC gaming’s GPU-kingpin, Nvidia appears to have revived the almost totally written-off aspect of 3D technology – it has released a pair of funky wireless shutter 3D glasses!

GeForce 3D Vision glasses are somewhat like Ali G’s yellow-tinted scan-ware, the apparent difference being the thicker rims and arms and more angular corners. These

Nvidia-Intel rivalry intensifies

The future of the personal computer appears to be at stake as, according to Cnet, Nvidia plans to fight a battle with Intel over the future of the cut-price netbook.