“Hybrid war” between Toyota and Honda full on!


The dire straits of the auto industry notwithstanding, the "hybrid war" between rivals Toyota and Honda appears to be full on! Both the automakers are going all out to promote their hybrid cars, as they launch in quick succession.

“Automotive depression” full-blown; auto sales plunge 41% in February

With regard to the dire straits the automobile industry is in, there is no overlooking the statement by equity analyst Efraim Levy, of Standard & Poor's: "We are in an automotive depression," full-blown!

Toyota projects 350 billion yen net loss for full year

Recession-hit Toyota Motor Corp, after having accumulated a 164.7 billion yen loss for the period October-December, has projected a net loss of 350 billion yen for the full year.

Toyota clinches ‘largest automaker’ sales title from GM

Toyota Motor has clinched the sales-based title of 'the largest automaker in the world' from its rival General Motors! The Japanese automaker outperformed its competitor with its 8.97 million sales in 2008, as against the Detroit automaker's sales of 8.35 million.

Toyota founder’s grandson - Akio Toyoda - to be company president

With its first operating loss posted in years, the leadership at Toyota Motor has been reorganized, as was being anticipated. On Tuesday, Japan's top automaker showed a 4 percent drop in its 2008 sales figures. The sales, slightly less than 9 million, corresponded to the company's earlier projections in the midst of the bleak auto industry milieu.