Toyota to showcase its all-electric version of RAV4

Toyota to showcase its all-electric version of RAV4

Japanese automaker, Toyota has said that it will be soon showcasing an-all new electric version of RAV4. This version is being developed in collaboration with Tesla Motors and will be used as plug-ins for Prius in the US.

Toyota said that the car will be introduced by mid of May or June of 2012. The information was given by the head of Toyota's R&D facility.

Toyota recalls over 116,000 Hi-Lux vehicles

Toyota recalls over 116,000 Hi-Lux vehicles

On Wednesday Toyota announced a shelter recollect over 116,000 four-wheel drive Hilux vehicles in Australia. It concerns that the vehicles could be scratched if used regularly on bumpy roads.

Toyota bullish for Etios

Toyota bullish for Etios

While one may say that the Toyota Etios will be a little late in entering the small car segment but the company considers it as a late mover advantage in the Indian market.

It is to be mentioned here that the industry watchers expect the company to price the model lower than the Swift and it is expected that it will bring high volumes for Toyota in the Indian market.

Toyota launches Corolla Altis Diesel

Toyota launches Corolla Altis Diesel

After staying into the petrol market for many years with its sedans, Toyota has recently entered into the diesel segment with the Corolla Altis diesel launch. While Corolla is one of the top selling models across the world, the company has been able to make a significant presence in the Indian market with its Corolla as well.

Toyota Makes its Projections High

Willy Tomboy

The freshly constructed Auris hybrid in UK by Toyota Motor Europe anticipates that it will exceed the Fiat as Europe's low-CO2 champ. Toyota Motor Europe's Environmental Affair Director, Willy Tomboy said that Toyota certainly wishes to turn out to be Europe's greenest automaker.


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