Chuanfu Wang Honored with Canton Provincial Award for Individual Contribution

The Canton Provincial Award has been Conferred upon the Chairman of the world’s largest clean technology Company. The man in question is the Head of Build Your Dreams (BYD), Chuanfu Wang.

The honor is also known as China’s Peace Prize and is declared by the Canton Government. Wang has won for heading a company that has provided with green energy solutions like commercialized solar energy, LED and electronic transportation machinery.


Airborne Wind Turbines Take a Flight

The Airborne wind turbine prototypes, a distant dream since the 1970s, is finally taking a flight. The Alt energy enthusiasts had always wanted to harness powerful winds from the troposphere.

Go Green with Toyota Camry Hybrid

Go Green with Toyota Camry Hybrid

As we know Australia is famous for its 6 to 8 cylinder cars, Toyota launches its new car in Australia, Camry Hybrid. It is no different than the other Camry, looks and feels like the same.

Silver Spring Networks may file for IPO in July

Silver Spring Networks IPO Plans

According to Dow Jones Clean Technology Insight, the Redwood City, California-based Smart Grid networking provider Silver Spring Networks is preparing for an IPO; and has retained Morgan Stanley and Jeffries & Co. to underwrite a public sale, likely in July this year.

14 MW Solar Project to be Purchased by Duke Energy

14 MW Solar Project to be Purchased by Duke Energy

Duke Energy, the power company, has officially announced that its commercial business division, Duke Energy Generation Services, has given approval for the purchase of a 14 MegaWatt Blue Wing Solar Project.

The purchase will be made from juwi Solar Inc., which is a division of Germany's juwi Holding AG.