14 MW Solar Project to be Purchased by Duke Energy

14 MW Solar Project to be Purchased by Duke Energy

Duke Energy, the power company, has officially announced that its commercial business division, Duke Energy Generation Services, has given approval for the purchase of a 14 MegaWatt Blue Wing Solar Project.

The purchase will be made from juwi Solar Inc., which is a division of Germany's juwi Holding AG.

Prototype of Solar Powered Plane Records First Successful "Flight"

The Solar Impulse, a prototype of the plane which runs on solar power, recorded its first successful flight, more like a "flea hop", as the project leaders are referring to it.

Low-Power Monitor for Businesses Introduced by NEC

NEC has introduced to the market its 22 inches, LED-backlit desktop display which reportedly consumes about half of the power as compared to the previous models. The new offering also reduces radiated heat, weight and packaging by a significant amount.

Energy Secretary Applauds Companies for Leaving Chamber

Steven Chu

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, a supporter of alternative fuels and strong regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, has welcomed the decision of some firms to quit the U.S.

EU offshore wind projects face shortage of funds


European Wind Energy Association said that offshore wind projects, which are expected to fulfill around 17 per cent of the European Union' energy demands by 2030, are facing acute shortage of funds.