EPA introduces Energy Star certification for energy-efficient servers

EPA introduces Energy Star certification for energy-efficient servers

With the aim to facilitate buyers’ identification of energy-efficient systems, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced its Energy Star for Enterprise Servers certification on Friday.

“Hybrid war” between Toyota and Honda full on!


The dire straits of the auto industry notwithstanding, the "hybrid war" between rivals Toyota and Honda appears to be full on! Both the automakers are going all out to promote their hybrid cars, as they launch in quick succession.

Twilio closes institutional investment round; announces early customers for its Telephony AP

The first institutional investment round for Twilio - a dominant telephony API - has been closed. The company has refrained from disclosing the amount that it raised in the round, which was led by Founders Fund and Mitchell Kapor.

Desalination enterprise Oasys Water raises $10 million in Series A funding round

In a case of new funding for up-and-coming desalination technologies, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based desalination enterprise, Oasys Water, has raised $10 million in Series A funding round. Oasys - acronym for Osmotic Application Systems - is working at developing a proprietary desalination system called EO - Engineered Osmosis.

Premier McGuinty says Ontario companies need to show aggression to turn a profit

Addressing Liberal Party members and provincial delegates in Niagara Falls, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, gave a briefing on his Green Energy Act proposal, saying that Ontario needs to show some aggression in the wake of the downturn.