Obama open to diplomacy with Iran

Washington - US President Barack Obama on Monday said his administration would be willing to engage in diplomacy with Iran on its controversial nuclear programme, in a reiteration of statements that drew fire during his election campaign.

BofA played a part in Merrill bonuses

The Financial Times' Sunday reports say that in the contentious decision by Merrill Lynch - that of paying $4 billion in bonuses in December - after it suffered $15 billion in losses, Bank of America (BofA) too had played a part.

Downadup worm replicates itself at amazing speed!

Call it Conficker, Downadup or Kido - the fact is the nasty worm is spreading at a very rapid speed! There is no checking the pace at which it is infecting PCs; and with already more than 9 million victims, including corporate networks worldwide, the worm is still going strong!

Health Care Dilemmas for the Jobless

Under a legislation approved by a House panel on Thursday employers would have to extend COBRA health care coverage for older employees as well as employees who have been in service for longer periods till such time that they are eligible for Medicare.

Severe obstetric complications rate on the rise

Not more than 1% women face serious complications during child birth but the rate of these complications has gone up during 1998 -
2005. These problems include blood clots, severe breathing problems, shock, kidney failure, respiratory distress syndrome, ventilator use with childbirth, pulmonary embolism and blood transfusions.