Geithner to present revamped bank-bailout plan; rename TARP as Financial Stability Plan

A revamped bank-bailout plan will be presented by the US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Tuesday. The proposals took shape on the basis of the updates provided by the Treasury officials, in order to alleviate the troubles of the financial sector devastated by towering losses on mortgage-related debts.

Forsaken classic Bugatti fetches £3,043,293 at a Paris auction

At a Paris auction, a forsaken 1937 Bugatti Type 57S fetched an exorbitant £3,043,293! The original engine of the classic car, lying in a Newcastle garage, had not been ignited for over five decades.

Insolvency Service reports “all-time high” figures of bankruptcy in 2008 last quarter

The Insolvency Service data presents a heart-rending picture with regard to the number of people going broke in the last quarter of 2008!

Guidelines to help taxpayers steer through the new 2008 tax rules

The five key tax bills passed by the Congress in 2008 have resulted in some tax breaks, and nearly 500 changes, which would be affecting quite a few people – including homeowners, parents, calamity victims, philanthropists and others.

With the help of important guidelines, taxpayers can steer through the seemingly confusing new 2008 tax rules!

Babies are Latest Victims of Childhood Obesity

Australian doctors say that obesity is spreading and affecting people at a younger age with the latest victims being babies as young as 12 months.