Californian Baby Born with Perfect 12 Toes and 12 Fingers

A Daly City California couple was in for a surprise when their baby boy was born with twelve fingers and twelve toes. Called polydactyly, cases of extra digits are reported in 2 out of every 1000 children though doctors say they have never seen a case as remarkable as this. Extra digits are not uncommon but digits that are fully formed and functional are a rarity.

Black History Month Celebrated By City Church

Stephany Giles of Zion First Baptist Church began Black History Month by introducing three influential and notable figures in black history with the words: ' Rosa sat so Martin could stand. Martin stood so Barack could run. Barack ran so our children could fly.'

Housing Market Survey

On Wednesday, an International survey of cities revealed the disparity in cost of buying a home in Canada, across the coasts. The survey revealed that the west coast harbors some of the least affordable cities in the world while the eastern market remains more affordable to the common man.

A Lesson in Writing a Creative Complaint Letter

Virgin boss, Sir Richard Branson must have been faced with one of the most unique experiences when one of virgin flight passengers, annoyed with the quality of in-house meal, shot off a mighty creative tirade in written.

Kidney Donors Live Healthy Long Lives

According to a recent study donating a kidney does not appear to have any long term consequence with donors being able to lead a normal long, healthy life.  The study was undertaken by researchers