Google to include local search results by default!

Google to include local search results by default!

Officially substantiating the buzz that had been making rounds for months, Google Monday announced the inclusion of maps to add local findings to the search results by default. Since Google is well aware of the user-locations - via the IP address geolocation - while they search the Internet, the search engine will put forth a map to enhance the relevant local results.

2010 Medicare Advantage Rates Announced

Medicare Advantage

While, many analysts expect overall payment rates to fall next year, Monday the federal government announced it will be bumping up the rate used to figure Medicare Advantage reimbursement to insurers.

Chemical found in Broccoli Fights H. Pylori Infections

stomach cancer

The good news from researchers is that you can lower your risk of stomach cancer by eating broccoli which contains a chemical that fights Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infections. One of the most common bacterial infections worldwide, these infections are a major cause of stomach cancer.

Quit Smoking to Avoid New Tax

Quit Smoking

Even as federal cigarette tax jumped to $1.01, an increase of 62-cents a pack, smokers paid higher prices Wednesday, as levies on cigarettes and other tobacco products rose dramatically.

Nintendo DSi all set to hit US markets on Sunday!

Nintendo DSi all set to hit US markets on Sunday!

The Nintendo DSi - the next generation of Nintendo's much-admired handheld gaming console - is set to come the US way this Sunday! The new toy from Nintendo has been hyped as a broad-spectrum social and entertainment device, which literally fits the user's pocket and underlines the evolution of entertainment.