Food restraint is good to avoid extra pounds in middle age

A three year study by Brigham Young University researchers Larry A. Tucker, PhD, and Laura Bates concluded that women not practicing restraint in eating in middle age have twice the risk of substantial weight gain. Researchers analyzed data collected from 192 middle-aged women for three years regarding their lifestyle, health and eating habits.

Common New Year resolutions can lead to improvement in sexual health

Recent research has revealed that some popular New Year resolutions can actually help in improving sexual health. Researchers said that the most popular New Year resolution to reduce weight can help in curing various problems like the erectile dysfunction because sexual dysfunction is strongly affected by obesity.

Gawker’s Consumerist blog acquired by Consumers Union

 Consumerist. com, a popular blog on sale since mid-November, has been acquired by Consumers Union, a nonprofit group that publishes Consumer Reports magazine. The financial details of the agreement finalized Wednesday have not yet been divulged. 

Dow Jones and Nasdaq close higher on last trading session of 2008

Dow Jones Industrial Average closed the year 2008 at 8776, up by 108 points. Nasdaq Composite closed 1.7% higher at 1577. During the year 2008, stocks markets across the world witnessed sharp declines. UK’s FTSE, Indian Indices Sensex and Nifty, Japan’s Nikkei and European indices faced biggest losses in several years.

Suzlon Energy raises stake in Repower to 73.71%; pays Euro 65 million

Suzlon Energy Limited (SEL), a leading manufacturer of Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) and the sixth largest company worldwide, has announced the acquisition of the first tranche of Martifer Groups stake in REpower for _65 million.

The latest deal will take Suzlon's holding in REpower to 73.71 per cent.