Legislation of Government Regulation of Tobacco being Re-Introduced

Lawmakers renewed their efforts Monday to require government regulation of cigarettes with a legislation that was co-sponsored by President Barack Obama while in Senate last year. The House Energy and Commerce Committee will take up a legislation today that will put tobacco under the Food and Drug Administration’s control.

Customize a Baby Facility Available for Genetic Cases

Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, a fertility doctor is offering a new service at his clinics of offering to customize traits like hair and eye color and other physical traits of their babies.

N. L. Breast Cancer Enquiry Report to be Made Public on Tuesday

The province's health minister has been given the final report, from the inquiry into botched cancer tests in Newfoundland and Labrador, which will be made public on Tuesday.

Survey indicates Americans losing sleep over deepening recession

According to a research by the National Sleep Foundation, the proverbial "a good night's sleep" is fast disappearing from the bedrooms of nearly 27 percent of the Americans, with the deepening recession being the most disturbing factor.

Obama's nominee for trade representative faces tax questions

Washington  - Ron Kirk, President Barack Obama's nominee for US trade representative, will have to pay nearly 10,000 dollars in back income taxes owed on speaking fees he was paid over the last four years, according to a Senate report released Monday.