The HP Mini 2140 PC is the HP’s latest netbook

The latest netbook by HP is the HP Mini 2140, which is very energy efficient. It should be noted that it is actually a business and education version of the HP Mini 1000, and will be presented this week at CES 2009 in Las Vegas.

Twitter accounts of over 30 celebrities hacked

More than thirty celebrities and organizations - President-Elect Barack Obama, Britney Spears, Bill O'Riley, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez and Fox News - had their twitter accounts hijacked on Monday. Giving the information, the microblog site said that the hacking attack led to bogus and inapt messages being posted on their accounts.

Teens Act Risky on Social Sites like MySpace

According to recent research 54 % of teens who use the social networking site MySpace share information about sexual behavior, substance abuse or violence, which poses potential risks.

Several indications of autism in children

Signs of autism often become evident in the late first year of the life of a child or maybe a little later. Often children showing normal development start showing signs of autism.

Usually autistic children have a delay in language skills. Though they might babble or use some words but these words are not aimed at communication. 

New study shows cancer cells can avoid chemotherapy

Researchers from Chinese University of Hong Kong have conducted a study which shows that cancer cells have the capability to evade chemotherapy.

Scientists have started believing that cancer cells have the power to survive chemotherapy. The cancer cells switch the procedure. Thus instead of targeting the cancerous cells, the chemotherapy affects normal cells.