New study shows cancer cells can avoid chemotherapy

Researchers from Chinese University of Hong Kong have conducted a study which shows that cancer cells have the capability to evade chemotherapy.

Scientists have started believing that cancer cells have the power to survive chemotherapy. The cancer cells switch the procedure. Thus instead of targeting the cancerous cells, the chemotherapy affects normal cells.

Freescale’s new silicon targeting sub-$200 netbook market

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week will see the launch of new silicon for notebooks - Freescale Semiconductor's ARM chip architecture-based i. MX51 processor, for netbooks that would cost less than $200.

LG to produce high-definition Netflix-enabled TVs

LG Electronics and Netflix Inc. are planning to enter into a partnership, whereby LG's soon-to be-introduced TV sets could screen Netflix movies straight from the Web, without the need of an external box. Last year, the two had launched set-top boxes and Blu-ray DVD players, which were also outfitted with the same Netflix software.

Food restraint is good to avoid extra pounds in middle age

A three year study by Brigham Young University researchers Larry A. Tucker, PhD, and Laura Bates concluded that women not practicing restraint in eating in middle age have twice the risk of substantial weight gain. Researchers analyzed data collected from 192 middle-aged women for three years regarding their lifestyle, health and eating habits.

Common New Year resolutions can lead to improvement in sexual health

Recent research has revealed that some popular New Year resolutions can actually help in improving sexual health. Researchers said that the most popular New Year resolution to reduce weight can help in curing various problems like the erectile dysfunction because sexual dysfunction is strongly affected by obesity.