Global warming, drought strikes trees in America and Canada

Global warming and droughts are having an effect on the life span of trees. The life of trees in western America and Canada has reduced to half as compared to their life 30 years before.

If you are under 50, drinking tea thrice a day may reduce your risk of breast cancer

Recent study revealed that drinking tea thrice a day at least reduces the chances of developing a tumour dropped by around 37 per cent in women under 50. However it doesn't offer same advantages in women above 50.

Anxiety Medicine Shows Modest Benefits in Older Adults with GAD

U.S. researchers said popular antidepressant Lexapro showed results of being "modestly beneficial" in easing anxiety symptoms in very anxious older adults though further studies were called for.

Heavy Drinking in First Trimester Increases Premature Delivery Risk

A recent research study has found that women who drink heavily in the first three months of pregnancy or even before they know they are pregnant are more likely to have premature babies. The risk continued even if the women stopped their heavy drinking after the first trimester.

More Adults Joining Social Networks, Pew Says

A new data memo called 'Adults and Social Network Websites', released by Pew Internet & American Life Project, indicates the way in which social networking sites - like MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn - are being used by adults.