Scientists discover breast cancer spreading gene

US researchers have discovered the gene that speeds up the spread of breast cancer. The gene also assists in making the cancerous cells resistant to chemotherapy.

The research indicated that aggressive breast cancers have abnormal genetic altercations in a gene called MTDH. If the cancer drugs target this gene, the survival chances of the patients could increase.

Even well controlled, mild diabetes slows mental functions

Mild diabetes can have a negative impact on the mental functions. A study shows that mild diabetes, even when it is under check, can slow the mental functions of the patients.

Highly efficient new cell fusing system discovered

Recently, researchers created a new, highly efficient way to pair up cells so that they can be fused together into a hybrid cell.

A newly discovered molecule can help in removing unwanted substances from body

British researchers have created a molecule known as Bridion which has the ability to attach itself to unwanted substances in the bloodstream such as an overdose of drugs or an anaesthetic, no longer required following surgery.

This “chemical cleaner” can also provide a cure to the headache, nausea and shaking associated with excessive drinking.

Jaw Disease Risk may increase with Bone-Growth Drugs

According to a new study bone building drugs for people suffering from osteoporosis could increase the risk of developing a jaw infection. The jaw disease called osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) and is characterized by pain, soft-tissue swelling, infection, loose teeth and exposed bone.