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Discovery astronauts install solar panel on spacewalk

Washington  - Astronauts installed a crucial new solar panel on the International Space Station during a spacewalk on Thursday.

Discovery docks with space station

Washington  - The space shuttle Discovery docked Tuesday with the International Space Station on a construction mission that will eventually allow the station to double its crew.

The Discovery is delivering the fourth and final solar panel that will enable the ISS crew to grow from three to six astronauts.

Space shuttle Discovery launches after long delays

Washington  - The space shuttle Discovery blasted off for a construction mission to the International Space Station on Sunday after weeks of delays.

Discovery took off at 7:43 pm (2343 GMT) from the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Shuttle delayed again, at least until Sunday: fuel leak

Washington  - A potentially disastrous fuel leak prompted NASA to issue a second delay notice Wednesday for space shuttle Discovery, pushing back the earliest launch time to Sunday.

Just hours before a planned Wednesday night (early Thursday GMT) launch, NASA delayed launch time to 0054 GMT Friday due to the leak.

Discovery headed on long-delayed ISS expansion mission

Washington  - After weeks of delay, the space shuttle Discovery is set to make an important delivery to the International Space Station, bringing the last set of solar panels needed to produce enough power to house an expanded crew.