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Kepler camera launched: Other "earths," where are you?

Washington - NASA late Friday sent the Kepler satellite into Earth's orbit with instructions to search for extraterrestrial life on Earth-type planets orbiting other stars.

The launch from was reported on a live blog operated by the Kepler project on the internet.

NASA readies search for other Earths with Kepler launch

Washington  - Are we alone in the universe? Are there other planets like Earth? Scientists will attempt to answer those questions with a telescope being launched into orbit on Friday.

The Kepler spacecraft is to launch at 10:49 pm (0349 GMT Saturday) aboard a Delta II rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

NASA replaces suspect valves on space shuttle Discovery

Washington- NASA technicians on Wednesday removed three fuel valves from the space shuttle Discovery that they feared could break off and damage the craft during launch.

Get the best views of Comet Lulin now!

It's at its closest point to Earth right now, so watch it, catch it, view it now; that's what the astronomers are saying about the greenish backward-flying Comet Lulin.

NASA to launch satellite to study carbon dioxide

Washington  - Scientists hope to get a clearer picture of how the Earth reacts to carbon dioxide with the launch Tuesday of a new spacecraft designed to collect data on the climate-changing gas.

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory is set for launch early Tuesday from California and will take about 8 million measurements every 16 days for the next two years.