Darwin’s theories help scientists develop new technologies

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is more than a plain description of life - it is being used as a tool by scientists to develop new technologies!

Scientists: Alaska’s Mount Redoubt volcano could erupt anytime

You must get your protective eyewear and masks, if you are living in Anchorage-area, because the scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey, on Friday, warned that Mount Redoubt volcano in Alaska could erupt within days to weeks. Scientists warned that Seismic activity at Mount Redoubt, the volcano situated about 110 miles southwest of Anchorage, increased recently.

Study: brain chemical serotonin turns grasshoppers to frightful swarms

It’s been found that a brain chemical, which influences people's moods, can change grasshoppers into frightful swarm of desert locusts, which can cause devastating havoc in the countryside regions. Yes, a study conducted by researchers of the University of Cambridge in England, has revealed that the brain chemical serotonin can turn grasshoppers into horrifying swarms.

Memory glitch overcome by Mars Rover

NASA's Mars Spirit Rover has overcome the memory glitch and would be rolling again this weekend. However, the scientists are still trying to find out what caused memory loss in Mars.

On its 1800th day on Mars, rover Spirit failed to carry out directions it received. It also did not save the day's activities to the rover's long-term memory.

Study: Global warming responsible for western tree deaths

The ugly effects of global warming have started becoming visible in the botanic life of the western United States and Canada; that’s what a new study by U.S. and Canadian researchers articulates.