Study: Antarctica too experiencing the effects of global warming

A new U.S. study on climate change in Antarctica has found that Antarctica too is experiencing the effects of global warming. The study has revealed that the temperature of Antarctica is rising, in other words, it is warming like the rest of the world.

Space shuttle Discovery moved to launch pad for Feb. 12 launch

Space shuttle Discovery - after its 3.4-mile, six-hour trek - was moved to the Florida launch pad by NASA. It rode atop a slow-moving Apollo-era transport system; the journey commencing before sunrise on Wednesday!

Obama envisions merger of NASA and Pentagon space programs

According to Bloomberg News reports late Thursday, President-elect Barack Obama would seek some sort of a merger between NASA and the Pentagon, so that America launches next generation of spacecraft into orbit before its scheduled 2015 date - with military rockets being less expensive and more readily accessible than NASA's proposed - and still in testing - Ares I and Ares V vehicles.

Scientists say discovery of nanodiamonds supports comet theory

The discovery of 'nanodiamonds' - a thin layer of miniature gemstones - in North American soil apparently authenticates the theory that nearly 13,000 years back, a comet struck the continent, and set off an ice age, which resulted in the extinction of some mammal species and the annihilation of the earliest human colonies of the continent.

Columbia shuttle crew died within seconds, NASA report says

Washington  - The astronauts who perished in the 2003 disintegration of the space shuttle Columbia as it returned to Earth had just seconds to respond before becoming incapacitated, an in- depth report on the tragedy said Tuesday.