Australian cat survives falling 34 floors

Australian cat survives falling 34 floorsSydney  - Tomcat Voodoo survived falling from the 34th floor of an apartment building at the Gold Coast in Queensland, eastern Australia, ABC Radio reported on Wednesday.

China launches weather satellite

Beijing  - China launched a satellite into orbit on Tuesday to monitor weather patterns and natural disasters.

The Fengyun-2-06 geo-stationary meteorological satellite will join two predecessors in acquiring data from the ground, the oceans and space for the China Meteorological Administration, the official Xinhua news agency said.

Orbiting ISS crew begins space walk mission

Orbiting ISS crew begins space walk missionWashington  - Two crew members aboard the International Space Station (ISS) began a space walk late Monday to collect science experiments attached to the outside of their orbiting home.

"New" Roman battlefield in Germany may mean a rewrite of history

Hamburg  - Archaeologists have discovered an ancient battlefield in Germany which indicates the Roman Legions were still fighting Germanic tribes deep inside "barbarian" territory as late as the 3rd Century AD - 200 years later than hitherto believed.

Nanofibres make clothes that cannot get wet

Geneva  - Polyester fibres covered by tiny silicone filaments can create clothing that when dunked in water will still remain completely dry, a Swiss scientist discovered.

The nanotechnology structure allows the surface to be covered in chemicals which make the clothing hydrophobic to the point that water simply bounces or slides off.