Martian water suitable for life

Martian water suitable for lifeWater on Mars has been found to be suitable for life. The mineral evidence in the Martian water is capable of supporting life.

Scientists unearth 2,000-year-old human brain in Britain

In what an expert called “a real freak of preservation”, British archaeologists unearthed a decapitated skull dating back 2,000 years, which carried an unusually well-preserved shriveled remnant of a human brain. Some reports suggest that it is the oldest brain ever discovered in Britain, though researchers have not made any such claim.

Hubble telescope detects carbon dioxide in distant planet’s atmosphere

The most watched network over the week, three of CBS's dramas also managed to take top place. In the lead was CBS' 'The Mentalist', a Simon Baker series about solving crimes using astute powers of observation, the first freshman series to rank No. 1 since 2005 'Desperate Housewives' did it for ABC.

NASA’s Mars rover mission delayed by two years

Owing to continuing technical problems and cost overruns, NASA has delayed the launch of its SUV-sized, next-generation Mars rover for two years. This was announced by officials said at a media briefing at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC.

Astronauts Try to Fix Urine Recycling System on ISS

Astronauts Try to Fix Urine Recycling System on ISSWith set aim in their mind, astronaut