Robonaut to be hauled to the ISS on the Discovery’s final mission next week

Robonaut to be hauled to the ISS on the Discovery’s final mission next week

The final launch of NASA’s discovery space shuttle next week will include the hauling of a 300-pound humanoid robot – called Robonaut 2, or R2 – to the International Space Station. The robot will hitch a ride along with the Discovery’s six-member crew; and will become a permanent resident aboard the space station.

Cumbria 'still apt' for nuclear waste storage

Cumbria 'still apt' for nuclear waste storage

The Lake District might soon convert into a 'dumping ground' for the nuclear industry, environmentalists dread.

The fear has risen soon after the Government decided not to go with England’s largest national park to bury radioactive waste.

Study: The Milky Way has Earth-size planets abound

Milky Way

In what is being termed as the most extensive planetary census of its kind, a new NASA-funded study at the University of California, Berkeley, has found that the Milky Way has Earth-size planets abound; with one out of every four Sun-like stars possibly having an Earth-size planet orbiting close around it.

Scientists report the record-breaking discovery of the most distant galaxy


In what clearly is a record-breaking discovery, the October 20 edition of the journal Nature features a report that scientists have found the most distant space object observed thus far - a galaxy that came into existence just 500 million years after the Big Bang.

NASA chief Charles Bolden arrives on a six-day official trip to China

Charles Bolden

NASA administrator and former astronaut Charles Bolden has arrived in China for a six-day official visit, which he has described as an “introductory” visit that might include talks pertaining to the potential chances of future cooperation for human spaceflight.


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