US cities gear up for climate change

US cities gear up for climate change

Washington  - It's coming! Global warming is on its way, and US cities are getting ready for it!

That at least is the message of a new report being released early Wednesday that says US cities are bracing against the effects of climate change and developing plans to adapt.

Climate change responsible for Soay sheep shrinkage: Study

Climate change responsible for Soay sheep shrinkage: Study

Soay, the wild sheep that live on a remote Scottish island named Hirta in the North Atlantic, have been under scientific observation since 1985 as the Soay sheep have been shrinking in size and weight constantly.

Researchers hold climate change responsible for the shrinkage of the Soay Sheep.

French scientists detect a ‘middling’ black hole, in a galaxy 290 million light-years away!

French scientists detect a ‘middling’ black hole, in a galaxy 290 million light-

The first-ever medium-sized black hole - falling in the in-between category of the thus far discovered super-huge or small black holes - has been discovered by the researchers at the Centre d’Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements in France. The ‘middling’ hole was detected by the French scientists in a galaxy that is nearly 290 million light-years from Earth.

Obama names retired astronaut Maj-Gen. Bolden NASA chief

Charles Bolden

Bringing to an end months of guesswork about the prospective NASA chief, President Barack Obama has named the extremely popular former space shuttle commander - Maj-Gen. Charles Bolden - for the esteemed post. In addition, former NASA associate administrator Lori Garver has been named the Deputy of the US space agency. Both the appointments would be subject to Senate confirmation.

Hubble mission accomplished; Atlantis lands safely in California

Florida's Kennedy Space Center

After accomplishing their Hubble mission, spanning thirteen days, the Atlantis crew safely landed on the earth on Sunday. The thunderstorms in Florida resulted in the Atlantis' landing, two days behind schedule, in California rather than Florida's Kennedy Space Center.


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