Study: One-third of US bird species in danger!

The plight of US bird species is worrisome! According to a new study released on Thursday, about one-third of United States' 800 bird species are endangered, facing the threat of vanishing, witnessing significant decline, with Hawaiian birds facing a "borderline ecological disaster," because of habitat destruction, pollution and other environmental problems.

Google Mars helps “armchair astronauts” explore the Red Planet!

With the updated Mars in Google Earth, the so-called “armchair astronauts” have got yet another reason to spend their time. Using the 3D mapping tool, the astronomy addicts can now virtually “travel around” the Red planet!

Study: Chimps can plan things ahead just like humans

Santino, a chimpanzee at the Furuvik Zoo in the city north of Stockholm, surprised visitors as well as zoo keepers, when they came to know that the chimp calmly collected and stored stones to use t

Archeologists: Horses were domesticated much earlier than previously thought

An international team of archeologists has found new evidences that indicate that horses were domesticated much earlier than previously thought. The archeologists have discovered that horses were domesticated 5,500 years ago in Central Asia.

Cassini discovers a tiny moon orbiting within Saturn's G ring

The U.S. space agency reported yesterday that its Cassini spacecraft has discovered a tiny moon orbiting within Saturn's G ring. The agency reported the discovery in the Tuesday's edition of the International Astronomical Union circular.


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