Study: Arctic and Antarctic regions are warming faster

The temperatures in Arctic and Antarctic regions are rising faster than previously thought - the international scientists revealed on Wednesday. 

Want to view “Lulin's Green Comet”?

It’s a greenish, "two-tail" comet that will offer celestial spectacle; that’s what astronomers say about Comet Lulin, which you will be able to view over the next couple of nights with the naked eye, when it comes within 38m miles of Earth.

Satellite collision debris could harm other military or civilian satellites, says NASA

Orbits around the earth seem to be getting crowded; well, the recent satellite collision that took place in the space indicates that. Yes, an unprecedented collision of commercial Iridium communications satellite and a defunct Russian satellite occurred on Tuesday. The collision took place above northern Siberia.

Global warming is making birds move northwards in winters

Why are the birds in the United States spending the winters farther north? Well, a new study by the Audubon Society has found the answer of the question. According to the study, it is "global warming" that is making the U. S. birds spend the winters farther north.

Geologists: Alaska's Mount Redoubt volcano is ready for eruption!

The Alaska’s Mount Redoubt volcano was puffing out steam on Sunday, which made the Geologists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory issue the “warning” that the volcano could erupt at any time.