Social networking websites help develop social skills

Social networking websites help develop social skillsAccording to research funded by the MacArthur Foundation, teenagers in the US, who spend time on social networking web sites, are developing social skills that can help them later as adults.

US Government to rescue Citigroup

CitigroupAccording to the Wall Street Journal's online edition, negotiations between the US government and Citigroup have resulted in a plan - to rescue the beleaguered financial giant - which could lead to government guarantees of as much as $300 billion of Citi's troubled assets.

Necklaces recalled by SickKids Foundation

SickKids FoundationSickKids foundation has recalled the star- shaped necklaces given at Santa Claus parade in Toronto. It was found that the necklaces pose choking danger to kids.

The illuminated necklaces could break apart and thus pose danger.

Thousands of Ontario prisoners might have been fed on Listeria–contaminated meals

Eurest Dining ServicesThousands of prisoners in Ontario and the jail staff might have consumed Listeria-contaminated meals between November 13-16.

Iressa effective in chemotherapy in few cases only

A cancer treatment pill proves to be as effective as chemotherapy for lung patients. Although both the treatment can prolong the life by eight months but the pill known as Iressa (gefitinib) causes fewer serious side effects. Thus it can be a better choice for these patients.