HIV positive Indian teen bullied at school

A 14-year old girl was bullied in the school as she was HIV positive. The federal lawsuit has been filed against Washington Township Schools in Indianapolis. It is alleged that the girl was subjected to name calling and embarrassment but the officials at Westlane Middle School did little to stop it.

Exercise keeps away cancer

Exercise keeps away cancerAccording to a new study conducted by Coyle Y. M. at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX, the lack of inactivity and physical exercise increases the risk of breast cancer.

Contract Impasse Could Lead To Screen Actors Guild Strike

Screen Actors Guild StrikeThere just may be strike in the offing, afte

Mystery Piano Found In Cape Cod Woods Perplexes Police

A perfectly tuned Baldwin Acrosonic piano in good working condition has been found in the middle of Cape Cod woods, and which has the authorities of Harwich, Massachusetts in a bind, wondering whet

Guns 'N Roses’ New Album ‘Chinese Democracy’ Out

Guns N’ RosesIt's a good week for music fans, what with Guns N' Roses first music al