Google Search Ads Now on iPhone, T-Mobile G1

The search engine giant Google announced on Monday that AdWords clients now have the option of having their ads show up on the results pages of the iPhone and T-Mobile G1, weeks after Google optimized its search results for the iPhone.

Cisco’s MXE 3000 has network-attached gadgets for video production

A new line of devices - the Media Experience Engine (MXE) 3000 - from Cisco Systems is the first in the sphere of network-attached gadgets for video production.

Sun announces general availability of MySQL 5.1 database

More than a week after declaring the open-source database production-ready, Sun Microsystems has officially announced the general availability of the MySQL 5.1 database. In production for three years, MySQL 5.1 includes a number of new features aimed at improving performance, including partitioning functionality, row-based replication and a new plug-in API.

Broadcom unveils single-stream 802.11n chip

The BCM4329, released by Broadcom on Monday, is the latest of its so-called combo wireless chips, designed to bring high-end wireless features to handsets and portable media devices by reducing chi

Salesforce’s to connect with Google App Engine, which styles itself the enterprise cloud computing company, has expanded its global strategic alliance with Google Monday, connecting its development platform with Google’s App Engine.