Koobface worm spreads on Facebook, efforts on to check it

Researchers say that the 'Koobface' worm - which has been circulating through the popular social networking service, Facebook - is still on the loose, despite Facebook's efforts of cleaning up the mess.

Simultaneous launch of connect services by Google and Facebook

Striving to be the frontrunners in data portability, both Google and Facebook have simultaneously launched an extension to their services known as “connect” – while Google did a public launch of Go

Unnamed sources say The Miami Herald is for sale

Burdened by debt and a steep slide in newspaper advertising, the McClatchy Company, which owns 30 papers, may sell one of its most-prized properties - The Miami Herald. With daily circulation of 210,000, the Herald is notably the most prestigious of McClatchy’s newspapers, having won 19 Pulitzer Prizes.

Facebook hit by computer virus called Koobface

A computer virus dubbed ‘Koobface’ is being spread through the messaging system of social networking sites, like Facebook and MySpace, posing to the users a threat similar to other malware attacks over the years. Users whose computers are infected may have their credit card numbers stolen or their searches on Google, Yahoo and MSN diverted to deceptive Web sites.

Coldplay Sued For Plagiarism

Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani has filed a lawsuit against British rock band Coldplay in the Los Angeles federal court, over copy right infringement, seeking damages for 'any and all profits', as Sat